It’s supposed to be the biggest social event in London but why Pippa Middleton would be furious?

Pippa Middleton is reportedly furious at her brother, James, for trying to steal the limelight away from her own wedding. James is supposedly planning a big celebrity wedding with girlfriend Donna Air that could topple Pippa’s own wedding.

The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is all set to marry hedge fund manager James Matthews after a long-term relationship. It’s supposed to be the biggest social event in London because of Pippa’s affiliation with the Royal family.

Pippa Middleton is furious with James Middleton Photo (C) TWITTER
Pippa Middleton is furious with James Middleton Photo (C) TWITTER

Known for his party boy antics, James has now settled in a happy and serious relationship with Air. After a four-month sabbatical from their romance, James realized how much Air means to him and he wants to settle down with her as soon as possible. This little fact is causing Pippa Middleton much stress in the last stretch to preparing for her wedding in May.

The last thing Pippa wants right now is for her brother to steal the limelight away from her. After being overshadowed by Kate for most of their lives, it’s time that Pippa has her own special day, right?

However, Air has been quoted as saying that she wants and is open to having more kids. This led many to believe that James is about to propose to her. Air has been diagnosed with stress after her separation from James, so they are now determined to make their relationship work.

But just like many rumors about Pippa’s big day, there was no confirmation that James and Air are getting married anytime soon. For now, these are all speculations based on various reports we have been hearing. What’s clear is that Pippa has the right to be angry if James really tried to steal the thunder away from her and her fiancé.

Pippa Middleton Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES-0041.
Pippa Middleton Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES-0041.

This is not the only rumor swirling about Pippa’s wedding. She also had to conform to royal decrees and considerations because of the role her sister, Kate, will play in her wedding. Kate was supposed to be the maid of honor, but Palace experts said Kate might unknowingly and unwittingly steal the spotlight away from the bride. This led to Pippa’s decision to just let Kate be a reader in her very own wedding.

She also has to field issues that Prince Harry, a guest on her wedding, will bring his new girlfriend, Meghan Markle. If ever, this will be the first time that Meghan will meet most of Harry’s extended family and friends. Pippa and Harry are known to be close with each other.

A very public outing such as that one would, of course, cause media to focus on the prince and Markle rather than on Pippa. It is still not sure if Harry will bring Pippa because since admitting in a statement that they are together, the two have been low-key.

Another thing for Pippa Middleton to take care of is the amount of attention that will be generated by her niece and nephew. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will surely be a distraction for many in the party because of their royal connections.

Pippa Middleton Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES-0033.
Pippa Middleton Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES-0033.

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