Prince Harry and Kate Middleton bond over many things, including ‘Game of Thrones’

The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly amused about Prince Harry’s carefree side

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry her brother-in-law are closely bonding on many things. Lately, the media have been putting their attention to the duo’s closeness and easy going relationship with each other.

Prince Harry and The Duchess are known to be huge “Game of Thrones” fans. This is only one of the many things they bond over. It is said that they have been so close lately that Kate has become Harry’s confidante for matters of the heart, Daily Mail notes.

Prince Harry William Kate
Prince Harry William Kate

The duo was seen whispering conspiratorially on stage during Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday party. They were seen teasing each other on thanksgiving service as Kate’s heels got stuck in a grille.

During the same service, Kate and Prince Harry were also chatting and giggling while Prince William was expressionless and staring off somewhere else. Whether attending a wedding, going to the London Olympics, doing charity events or even sad events like the World War I centenary commemorations, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton can be seen side-by-side.

It is now a question by many on what is it that Prince Harry has that Kate finds appealing. A lot of observers say that it is his willingness to joke around, which is very opposite of his brother Prince William’s serious demeanour.

Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry speak out for mental health Photo (C) PA
Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry speak out for mental health Photo (C) PA

Insiders say that the Duchess of Cambridge has a unique relationship with Harry as compared with William. It is said that Harry attracts Kate’s sillier side since he is more footloose, carefree and likes to banter. He is often vocal on things he thinks are funny with other people, which usually makes Kate laugh. More so, Harry plays a good uncle to Kate’s kids. He handles them very well and plays the silly uncle role most of the time.

Unlike Harry, Prince William is more serious and plays it safe similar to his father’s demeanour. This may also be because of his position, which makes him act more stern and formal for most of the time.

It seems that Harry has found a big sister persona in Kate and vice versa. Their relationship started when Kate and William started dating in 2003. Not long after that, Kate met Harry.

Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry speak out for mental health Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES
Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry speak out for mental health Photo (C) PA

In other royal news, it seems that Kate and Harry are not the only royals that loves to watch Game of Thrones. It seems that Camilla and the Queen herself are fans of the show too, Hello Magazine adds.


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