Why Doesn’t the Queen of England Need a Passport?

hello I’m Simon Whistler you’re watching the today I found our YouTube channel and in the video today we’re answering the question why doesn’t the Queen of England need a passport as the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom the Commonwealth and certain other countries that have since declared independence but decided they kind of like having the queen on their money queen Elizabeth the second enjoys a number of unique parks not bestowed upon any of her subjects these include being immune from prosecution for any crime that she may happen to commit justice is served in her name she cannot be compelled to give evidence in court she owns all of the Dolphins sturgeons and wales found in British waters she also technically owns all news ones found in open waters in Britain she has the ability to declare war on any other nation if she so desires it and most pertinent to the present conversation she doesn’t need a passport to travel
abroad so why not the answer lies in the fact that all British passports are issued in the Queen’s name in fact if you open up a British passport to the first page it reads her Britannic Majesty’s Secretary of stage requests and requires in the name of Her Majesty all those whom it may concern to allow the bearers of freely pass without let or hindrance and to afford the bearer of such assistance and protection as may be necessary in a nutshell because a British passport is partially just a request from the Queen’s to allow one of her subjects to travel freely beyond the borders of our country she doesn’t need one she can just ask that in person of course a passport also has another purpose identifying the person in possession of it as such the Queen does have to jump through similar hoops as an ordinary person when she travels and is required to give her name date of birth and occupation she surprisingly usually just answers Queen to officials upon arriving in a foreign country this is all made slightly more complicated in that besides having no passport.
5. Queen Elizabeth doesn't need a driver's license Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES
Queen Elizabeth doesn’t need a driver’s license Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES
The Queen generally does not carry any sort of official picture ID she gets around potential issues this might otherwise cause by having AIDS clear her trips with the various state department’s before she arrives this way her arrival can be fast-tracked and helps ensure customs officials don’t give her any guff for a lack of passport or potential lack of any picture ID like, If they didn’t believe she was the queen or something of course given her recognizability throughout much of the world and the fact that she often arrives with full entourage in her private plane this probably wouldn’t usually be an issue. Even if she didn’t call ahead and if you’re curious all other members of the royal family are required to have a passport like anyone else though their royal passports contain certain special instructions detailing their diplomatic status allowing them to skirt some of the normal security checks speaking of the Queen. Generally Queen doesn not carrying around any official picture ID along with being the only person in the UK to not need a passport the Queen similarly doesn’t need a driver’s license to drive either this is because like passports driver’s licenses are issued in her name so she’s simply allowed to vouch for her own driving ability in person should she ever be pulled over now you’d think that given her status and wealth that the Queen would never drive anyway but you’d be wrong you see during world war two. The queen than a princess badgered her father to let her do her part for her country and subsequently ended up serving as a mechanic and driver with the woman’s auxiliary territorial service. At the tender age of 18 should actually register to serve at the age of 16 but King George wouldn’t allow it the Queen to occur physician incredibly seriously becoming by all accounts of competent mechanic and Driver trains to fix and dry the post of military and suburban vehicles fast-forwarding.
CARS: The Queen learnt to drive in 1945. Here, the then Princess Elizabeth receives vehicle maintenance instruction on an Austin 10 Light Utility Vehicle while serving with No 1 MTTC at Camberley, Surrey Picture: IWM/PA
CARS: The Queen learnt to drive in 1945. Here, the then Princess Elizabeth receives vehicle maintenance instruction on an Austin 10 Light Utility Vehicle while serving with No 1 MTTC at Camberley, Surrey Picture: IWM/PA
A bit through history a humorous story about the Queen’s driving prowess comes from 1998 when she was visited a state and balmoral Scotland going to then-Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-saud. The story was later revealed to the world by one-time sound ambassador Cheryl cole knowing Abdullah stance on the rights of women and the fact that women are essentially bands from driving in Saudi Arabia there’s technically no law that says women can’t drive that licenses are only issued, two men. The Queen demonstrating quintessential British passive-aggressiveness offered the Prince to tour of her palace grounds beautifully the Prince agreed and the pair headed outside where a large land rover bearing the Royal insignia was parked after waiting for the Prince to climb into the passenger seat where he no doubt assumed a chauffeur would drive the pair around. The Queen then solanki climbs the driver’s seat and proceeded to drive the car much to the princes astonishment according to ambassador sharada the prince was extremely nervous about this arrangement from the start things did not get that of him then 72-year old queen knowing that Abdullah had never been driven by a woman before and no doubt observing his anxiety decided to mess with him by purposefully driving as fast as possible on the narrow Scottish state roads and she sped along its breakneck speeds the Crown Prince screamed at the Queen through his interpreter to slow down and pay closer attention to her driving the Queen ignoring his admonishments completely continued presently chatting away is if she wasn’t doing her best fast and furious impression we can only imagine Abdullah’s reaction if the Queen had mentioned to him that she never got her driver’s license.
The Queen was driven to the service and wore a cream outfit with flecks of gold, accompanied by pearl studs in her ears
The Queen was driven to the service and wore a cream outfit with flecks of gold, accompanied by pearl studs in her ears
Now for a random bonus fact the creator of the like swoosh logo Carolyn Davidson was only paid $35 for the design Davidson was a graphics design student at Portland State University when she randomly encountered film light it was an assistant professor of accounting there at the time night / davidson talking to a friend stating that she was short on funds so he approached her and offered debate had two dollars an hour about fourteen dollars an hour today to do some graphics work for his business blue-ribbon sports which would involve later tonight a few years later he hired her to make a logo similar to the added ass logo and the conveyed motion 17.5 hours of work later over the course of about three weeks one of her many doodles she presented tonight was the accented checkmark that is the night swoosh light eventually chose that one speaking the words that every designer dreams of hearing I don’t love it but I think it’ll grow on me so i really hope you found that video interesting if you do please do give us a thumbs up below and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already also over there on the right are a couple of other videos you might enjoy if you enjoyed this one thankyou for watching
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