Duchess of Cambridge Wants Prince Harry To Go To Rehab For Out Of Control Drinking

Duchess of Cambridge Wants Prince Harry To Go To Rehab For Out Of Control Drinking

Duchess of Cambridge Wants Prince Harry
Prince Harry could be headed to rehab after sister-in-law Kate Middleton reportedly raised concerns about his out of control drinking problem.

Harry has long had a reputation as a party guy and has been involved in some high-profile incidents, including some drunken, naked hi-jinx in Las Vegas back in 2012.

Now his sister-in-law is taking notice. A source told OK! Magazine that Kate Middleton has tried to get through to Prince Harry to get his lifestyle under control.

“Harry spent two days boozing in Slovakia before heading to Brazil for more parties,” the source said. “[Kate Middleton] fears he could be heading for rehab if he doesn’t slow down. Kate tried talking to him, but he doesn’t want to acknowledge that he might be going overboard.”

Back in June, photographers captured Prince Harry getting drunk with his brother William at a friend’s wedding.

A waiter at the event, spoke anonymously, said: “The bar was open all night, and they just ordered Bloody Marys, ten, 11, at a time. It was so busy. Harry also liked rum and Coke, and he ordered vodka as well.”

The event reportedly worried Kate Middleton, who was concerned not only for Prince Harry, but for her husband William, who has a 1-year-old at home.

There could be some other pressures to get Prince Harry into rehab. When he turns 30, the royal is set to inherit $17 million from his late mother, The Mirror reports.

His older brother William also inherited $22 million on his 30th birthday, which he was able to increase by about 40 percent thanks to smart investments. Sources say Prince Harry will also pay the same 40 percent inheritance tax his brother did.

“William got hit with a hefty bill when he turned 30 and so will Harry. His aides have to work out the most tax-efficient way for him to handle the money,” a source noted.

There is no word whether Prince Harry intends to take Kate Middleton’s advice and cut down his drinking to avoid rehab.