Royal Fans expressed surprised whey they saw unusual royal ‘thank you’ cards.

Let one take a selfie! Prince Andrew and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson send out VERY unusual royal thank you cards to well-wishers over Christmas
Prince Andrew, his ex-wife the Duchess of York, and daughters sent joint card
Features candid family snaps including selfies of Andrew, Beatrice and Eugenie
The Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson split back in 1992 but rema


ined friends

They aren’t your traditional royal ‘thank you’ cards.

But then again, Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York, aren’t your traditional divorced couple.

Despite splitting two decades ago the pair still send out joint messages to well-wishers who have written to them over Christmas – and this year’s creation features a truly remarkable set of family ‘selfies’.

Taken during their annual family holiday on the Queen’s Balmoral estate over the summer break, the Queen’s son can be seen posing in a pair of sunglasses with daughters Beatrice and Eugenie with the Scottish Highlands in the background.

All are laughing uproariously and dressed in casual clothing as Beatrice holds the camera towards them.

A second selfie, apparently taken on a different occasion over the same holiday, shows Beatrice, once again, holding up her camera phone and her sister Eugenie, 26, in a stripped Breton-style top leaning over her right shoulder.

Behind her, on the left, her relaxed-looking father can be seen at the wheel of a Range Rover in an open-necked shirt.

The card also features several other family portraits, including one of Sarah and her daughters, arms linked, as they attended a friend’s wedding in London and a couple of small snaps showing the family pets.

Although the fold-out card is signed by all four of them, it appears that the signatures are only photocopies.

But there is a truly remarkable message, apparently from the Duchess, which says: ‘A Thought, A Word, A Deed, Nothing is More Special, A Warm Embrace, A Smile that goes the Extra Mile, Somebody, Somewhere took heed.’

Well, it certainly beats Best Wishes for the New Year.